Where are Tolhuistuin, Shelter or EYE Filmmuseum?

These three venues are very close to each other, and both very easily recognizable. They're located directly opposite Amsterdam’s Central Station. After arriving at Central Station, take the exit on the north side, from where you can see the EYE Film Institute, Shelter and Tolhuistuin signpost. From there, take the free ‘Buiksloterweg’ ferry across the IJ harbour.

From Amsterdam’s Central Station, a free ferry that runs 24 hours a day will take you to the other side of the IJ harbour; take the ferry that is labelled ‘Buiksloterweg’. The ferry ride takes 3 minutes and will be located on one of the two middle pontoons. When you get off the ferry in Amsterdam Noord, turn left immediately, it's about three-six minutes to each location.

By Dekmantel Ferry
We have free ferries available, leaving from Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ/Bimhuis to Tolhuistuin/Shelter/EYE Filmmuseum. Drop on location is located at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ.Bus

From Amsterdam Noord, bus 38 stops at the ‘Buiksloterwegveer’ stop (until 20:00 during evenings, and beginning at 11:00 on Sundays); this stop is right next to Tolhuistuin and EYE. In addition, bus 105 (not on Sundays) and bus 109 (not in the evenings, and not on weekends) both stop at ‘Hagedoornplein’, which is a 12-minute walk.