How do I get to the Amsterdamse Bos by cab?

These prices are estimates and by no means guaranteed!

A cab from Schiphol to the festival site will cost you somewhere around €50. There are cabs located in front of the airport.

A cab from Amsterdam Central Station to the festival site will cost you around €50. There are cabs in front of the station.

The taxi driver might know where the festival is. If not, the address for the GPS/TomTom is Nieuwe Meerlaan 1, Amstelveen, South of the Amsterdamse Bos.

Taxi rates are fixed – although you can often negotiate a deal with the driver, for example: from the city center to the festival and back for a fixed fee. You can recognize cabs by their roof lights. TCA Taxi is the largest taxi company in the Netherlands and overall decent. Their number is +31207777777 (memorize it as 7 times 7) and they’ll dispatch a cab to you. Of course, you can also hail a taxi in the street.

Note: there are also illegal cab drivers, called ‘snorders’. We advise against using these crawling taxis as they are generally unreliable, shabby and will sometimes try to rip you off or even assault you. At taxi stands look for a pink ID card displayed in the window, which allows drivers to drive on tram lines, and shows the driver has passed a city knowledge exam. Late at night, it’s sometimes possible to negotiate a flat rate before starting out.