What about the accessibility of Dekmantel Festival?

The Wednesday and Thursday program of Dekmantel Festival takes place across numerous venues near the IJ river in Amsterdam. For up-to-date information on the accessibility of these venues, we advise you to contact them directly. See all addresses via the related article on the bottom of this page.

The Friday, Saturday and Sunday program of Dekmantel Festival takes place at the Amsterdamse Bos (Nieuwe Meerlaan 1, Amstelveen). Generally speaking, our festival site can provide challenges for people with disabilities. Therefore, this article entails a few details about what to expect in terms of the accessibility of our terrain. We're aware that the information you need may not be listed here, so please reach out to support@dekmantel.com – we're more than happy to provide you with more specific information. For feedback or requests like nearby parking places please contact support@dekmantel.com.


We recommend entering "Nieuwe Meerlaan 1, Amstelveen" in your navigation system, this is the address of our main festival entrance. In the vicinity of the festival follow the festival signing to either Parking or Kiss&Ride.

Parking or Kiss&Ride?

There are parking spaces at ±1,7km distance from the festival. Our Kiss & Ride has the shortest (and paved) distance to the entrance (±200m), this is why we have reserved a limited amount of parking spaces at this spot for those who need them, e.g. those with a EU parking card for people with disabilities.

Bike parking

Our bike parking is located close to the entrance (furthest spots ±100m). We recommend arriving early to get a parking space close to the entrance, especially in case of tricycles or cargo bikes. However, our bike parking is spacious, so you should be able to get a spot regardless of the time your arrive. The bike parking is not paved.

Shuttle busses

Our shuttle busses commute between the festival terrain at Amsterdamse Bos and station Amsterdam Zuid (see map below). The Zuid station stop is wheelchair accessible, and the stop at Amsterdamse Bos is wheelchair accessible during the day. After the festival, the stop at Amsterdamse Bos is generally speaking not wheelchair accessible because there are gates (to control the large number of people) – but the traffic controller can let you through the gates to the stop. Please note that some buses are wheelchair accessible, others are not, so you may have to wait for a bus.


  • Entrance: there is a wheelchair-accessible entrance for wheelchairs (80–110 cm width). The width of this entrance is modular, in case of a larger size wheelchairsize, please contact nearby staff to assist you if necessary.
  • Food & drinks: we have various vegetarian food and drinks on offer, all counters have a length of ±120cm. The 'Euro Wine Bar' returns to Dekmantel Festival, offering the option of enjoying a seated meal in a restaurant setting with your friends, for more informations and reservations, check here.
  • Coins: our coin machines and counters have a length of ±120cm.
  • First aid: our first aid stand is located closely (±50 m) to the entrance. You can store medicine in the fridge, but please contact support@dekmantel.com before the event so we can confirm that you're allowed to bring them inside (important information for our security on-site).
  • Toilets: there is one central point with all toilets, including a barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible toilet.
  • Stages: all stages have a maximum elevation of 2cm. Due to safety measures, the radar stage has gates (to enable a controlled entrance of visitors), so it is not directly wheelchair accessible. However, our security staff can move these momentarily so you can pass through to the stage.
  • Low-stimulus area: our social safety team is located between the mainstage and foodcourt (see map below); if you need a short break or are looking for a spot with less stimuli, we recommend to visit them.
  • Signing: there are flags indicating each stage, as well as our toilet groups. You can also check the map below to get familiar with the area.