Now that the 2021 date is also cancelled, can I get a refund?

Everyone with a ticket for the 2021 edition, which was postponed to this year, has been informed about the option to request a refund on July 14th through e-mail. 

We sent this e-mail to those with a ticket for the 2021 edition - including those who bought a ticket on Tixel & TicketSwap, explaining that there was an option to ask for a refund for a limited time, which will be processed within the next months. The deadline for requesting a refund has passed. All refunds have been processed at the end of August 2021.

If you did not go for the refund option, your tickets will be automatically transferred to the 2022 edition. We are enormously grateful for all of you who supported us by keeping their ticket(s). Your ticket guarantees access for next year, but if you do change your mind eventually (or missed the refund deadline), you can of course sell the ticket safely on Tixel.