Can I use Uber or Bolt in Amsterdam to visit the festival?

Yes, both of these providers are also available in the Netherlands. They have a dedicated pick up point near the festival exit / entrance.

To make this experience even better for you and the drivers, here are some overall tips that might be applicable for you:

  1. On your way to Dekmantel Festival: navigate towards "Nieuwe Meerlaan 1, Amstelveen". Once in the vicinity of the festival, follow the relevant signing for drop-off.
  2. On your way from Dekmantel Festival: follow the signing towards "besteld vervoer" ('ordered transport') from the festival entrance towards the dedicated pick-up point. After you've requested, your app will show you where to go to find your driver at the Uber/Bolt pick up and drop off spot (±5 minutes walking from the entrance).
  3. Be mindful to only request when you are completely ready. Your driver will cancel if you let them wait for too long.
  4. Do you want to contact your driver after you've requested to find each other even faster? Call or chat with your driver.
  5. Both apps give an estimated trip fare before you request. Fares can be temporarily higher due to high demand. You could try to wait a little and request again when the dynamic pricing is no longer active.