What are the houserules of the campsite?

These houserules apply to the campsite, our Dekmantel Festival houserules are published  here. The campsite is not operated or organised by Dekmantel. 

Core principles: You can't bring everything to the campsite; you need a ticket to gain entrance to the campsite; please always follow instructions by staff and security; mind your surroundings and fellow festival visitors. Most of all, enjoy your stay! 

  • The Terms and Conditions for Visitors, Privacy Statement and Company Rules of Dekmantel apply to the purchase of both festival tickets and camping tickets. 
  • As the campsite is organised and operated by the owner of the campsite, which is not Dekmantel, the campsite company rules apply to the purchase of a camping ticket as well. Buying a camping ticket via our website means that we just facilitate the purchase of these camping tickets as the owner of the camping is the seller of these tickets. 
  • Upon entering the campsite, you agree to conform to the rules below. The rules are available on this website and at the campsite entrance. 
  • In any case but especially in case of fire, eviction or other calamities, you are to follow all instructions of festival staff and security personnel. 
  • If these rules allow room for interpretation, final decisions will be made by members of staff, security or local police. 
  • Any attempt to circumvent these house rules can be interpreted as breaking them. 
  • Access to the campground is only granted with valid and appropriate sign of accreditation.  
  • All members of staff and security are recognizable by their special wristbands and/or clothing. 
  • There is an absolute zero-tolerance policy in regard to the possession, sale, purchase or use of harddrugs at the festival site and the campsite.
  • Please set up your tent in an orderly manner. This way everybody can have an optimal camping experience. Camping staff or fellow festival visitors might ask you to move your tent a bit. 
  • Mind your fellow campers: don’t make too much noise. If you do, members of the camping staff may remove you from the campsite without rights to reimbursement. 
  • Leave no trace! There are plenty of garbage bins to deposit your garbage. All tents left at the festival site after Monday 12:00 (midday) will be removed. Other items will be at a Lost & Found desk and a list of these items will be communicated through our channels ASAP after the festival. 

The following is not allowed at the campsite: 

  • Party tents 
  • Any kind of weapon (knives included, except table knives) 
  • Tents bigger than 2m x 2m per person (2 person tent = 4m x 4m etc) 
  • Hard- or softdrugs 
  • Cars, caravans or bikes (both bike and car parking are available nearby) 
  • Sound systems 
  • Generators 
  • Open fire, BBQs, torches, braziers, gas-cylinders or other fire hazards 
  • Hard (strong) liquor 
  • Glass (no bottles!) 
  • Food or drinks destined for sale 
  • (Semi-professional) cameras (these include GoPro) 
  • Of course you may bring your own food and drinks, but only for personal use. In regard to drinks, we must draw a line somewhere, so we’ll allow a maximum of 24 beer/soft-drink cans (cans only, no bottles) and one PET-bottle per visitor.